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A question often sparked around agencies is whether or not they can be trusted. Agencies frequently carry around stigmas of low wages, mistreatment, and miserable jobs. But in reality, an agency is just like any other employer. You apply, you interview, and hopefully, if all went well, you are provided with a satisfactory offer letter. A noteworthy difference between standard employers and agencies is that when applying to an agency you may not be applying to just one vacancy, you could be applying to hundreds.

Agencies act as a third-party HR department for a multitude of clientele looking for a variety of roles. In turn they are held to the same, if not a more heightened obligation to abide by employment standards.

So yes, you can trust agencies!

So where does this stigma come from?

There are many contributing factors that may go into this stigma:

  •       not enjoying the work
  •       not necessarily being fond of the people you work alongside
  •       not having a purpose – being just another body

To put it simply, when putting together a puzzle it doesn’t matter how bad you want a piece to fit or how close it might be. If it is not the right shape, it just won’t work.

If it is not the right placement, it won’t be enjoyable by any means!

At About Staffing, we are known as Masters at Matching Culture because we take into great consideration what our candidates are searching for.  Not just in a job description; but in culture, environment, location, shift, etc.

What will make them happy? What will make them Look Forward To Monday?

We then connect with our clientele in their environment to determine exactly what their unique requirements are. Again, looking as much outside the job description as inside the job description – discovering precisely what would make a cultural fit. Finding a candidate that meets each qualification is only half the battle, the undertaking is finding someone who will enjoy every aspect of their work!

Once we have determined the desires of the candidate, and the requirements of the client; we work meticulously to find the two pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly.

How do you determine if an agency is trust worthy?

  •       Research the company! What kind of presence do they have online? What do their reviews look like? This speaks a lot to what values they exhibit in their everyday work.
  •       Bring forward any questions or concerns you might have during the interview and make your expectations known.

Trusting an agency doesn’t have to be a big step but finding the right agency for you is important!

Here are a few ways the About Staffing team is breaking the stigma of agencies.


At About Staffing one of the most important questions we ask is what would it take for you to uphold the lifestyle that you have created? What is your wage expectation?

We respect and want you to be where you deserve to be!


About Staffing has exclusively partnered with Respect Group Inc. to ensure all candidates we place are Respect in the Workplace certified. This course provides tools and skills to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination in any workplace.

We also pride ourselves on working with clients and candidates who share the same values as our own:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Sincerity
  • Stability
  • Loyalty

It’s much easier to fit together puzzle pieces made from the same puzzle!


Although your application may match dozens of vacancies, there is never any obligation to accept a position. If it is not what you want exactly, or if you won’t be happy doing it – you don’t have to accept it.

Remember the beauty of applying to an agency is that there is a bountiful range of opportunities to be had!

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